• Tall Tales Music Festival (map)
  • 492 North Pine Street
  • Burlington, WI, 53105
  • United States

Coco Reilly was satisfied with the fate of former musician. In her teens, she fronted a label-supported band, but the unsavory parts of the music industry left her disenchanted with the business. So she left it behind for college and office jobs. Twelve years later, she’s back behind a microphone.

Reilly is currently working on her debut full-length, due out in early 2018. The album was borne out of a number of crossroads: romantic, professional, and musical. It grew out of making choices based on what you want to do and not what you think you should do. All at once dreamy and self-reflective, earthy and effervescent, Reilly’s cooing vocals provide a narrative to her shifting desires, sonic sticky notes to herself helping her to discover who she really is.

“It’s more an album about self-realizations, cracking things open and peeling parts of yourself back that are really uncomfortable to look at,” Reilly says.