On Saturday morning August 11th at 9:00, bikeburlington is hosting the 3rd Annual Big Fat, Little White Lie Bike Race. In the spirit of telling tall tales, all participants get a 1st Place ribbon and their picture taken on the "winner's"podium holding flowers and a trophy. You can tell all your friends you won first place and show them the picture to prove it.

We have two routes---

The Big Fat Lie Race is a 15-mile group ride for adults with experience riding on roads with traffic. A cue sheet will be provided with the route. We will start riding together as a group. Riders are free tom ride at their own pace with the group or on their own.

The Little White Lie Race is a family friendly ride open to all ages. The ride  is led by a ride captain through the streets of Burlington. We will ride as a group from start to finish. The ride is a little under 3 miles.

Remember.....everyone is a winner!