Have you ever wanted your picture taken on the winners podium at the Tour de France? Well, how about the Tour de Tall Tales?

Bikeburlingtonwi.org will sponsor two bike rides as part of the Tall Tales Fest. There are two options for riders.

We will have a community bike ride through the streets of Burlington led by a ride captain. You can ride at your own pace or race to the finish! The Community Ride is 3-miles through Burlington local streets along sections of the designated bike route and Sunset Park Bike Trail. The route is 3 miles long.

We will also have a group road ride around some of the lovely country roads in the Burlington area. This ride will have a ride captain. This is a "no drop" ride. Riders will receive a cue sheet. The route is 15 miles.

Both rides will leave the Tall Tales site (Corner of Dodge and Chestnut) at 9am sharp. At the conclusion of the race, you can have your photo taken on the winners podium with roses and a ribbon. Provide us with an email, and we will email your photo so you can brag to all your friends!

If you have any questions, please email us at bikeburlingtongrp@gmail.com