• Tall Tales Music Festival (map)
  • 492 North Pine Street
  • Burlington, WI, 53105
  • United States

Instructor: Emily Sisson (Student Teacher)
Recommended ages: 13 -18
Maximum number of students: 14
Note for Students: We will be filming with phones, must bring a phone or a camera capable of recording video and a compatible USB cord so we can import your footage. Don’t have what you need, no worries, we’ll partner up!

About the workshop: This workshop will be split up into two sections. In section one we will outline the process behind making a video, discuss importance of video exposure
in a multimedia music world. We will touch on concept/idea creation, equipment, and process of making a music video. We will take them step by step to show them how to make their dream music videos come to life. In section two we will have hands on activ- ity on how to put together a music video in a basic editing software. The students will have a chance to receive help while letting their creativity shine all while editing their very own music video!

About the instructor: Hello my name is Emily I’m a senior in High School and I love film- making. I have taken two college courses on filmmaking and have produced two short films in the last year. Although I love filmmaking making music videos is by far my fa- vorite thing to produce, I feel as though their are so many ways to go about it and every song can be taken so differently. I am very excited to be teaching this workshop and I look forward to be seeing you there!