• Tall Tales Music Festival (map)
  • 492 North Pine Street
  • Burlington, WI, 53105
  • United States

Artist website: https://www.facebook.com/harpoonertheband/

Say what you will about Nashville and the state of the music industry these days, but the fact is that there are some real fine bands coming out of Music City. One of those bands is the young trio Harpooner, who bring to mind The Strokes meets 1970’s power pop with a hint of psychedelia on their debut full-length album Rose Park, coming out this Friday, June 24th and of which you can listen to a sneak preview of here on Glide Magazine. Interestingly enough, the album is actually about the band’s decision to move to Nashville from Indiana, and the major life changes that lead up to that.

Harpooner frontman Scott Schmadeke points out that it’s “based on the experiences that were very new to me, like a collapsed lung, or being hit by a car at SXSW, to a series of unsuccessful relationships, Rose Park describes my last few days and loves as a Hoosier. I had been contemplating moving to Nashville ever since finishing college since I was touring with Tennessee acts The Kernal and Andrew Combs. Taking the red eye Megabus down from Indianapolis to Nashville every other week with my piano was probably the most excruciating situation I could have put myself through. Needless to say, Josh, Max, and I decided we’d like to give a new city a try and Nashville was close and full of music.”  - Glide Magazine