• Tall Tales Music Festival (map)
  • 492 North Pine Street
  • Burlington, WI, 53105
  • United States

The artist Adriel Denae, in her own words:

"A while back, a wild dream came true and I made a recording with a hero and angel-friend, Norah Jones. As most of you can probably relate, the process of excavating something deep inside and then letting it go is a daunting thrill and my own journey also coincided with becoming a mother. I wrote this song a few days before I realized that Rhodes Wilder was growing and sat down at my piano one night, compelled to dream of a world worthy of the innocence of new life. I always think of it as the first gift he gave me.

We tracked it live a couple weeks later in a cozy home studio and my wonderful, talented friends Jason Abraham Roberts, Josh Lattanzi, Greg Wieczorek and Pete Remm added all the beautiful colors. Matt Marinelli captured our winding road and Norah crafted a palette and helped me learn to guide my own brush and expand into fearlessness.

I don't want to wait any longer for labels, business models, money and everything else to share this gift, so here it is. It was always meant to be a gift anyways. Not sure how long it will be up, but it's yours for the having on iTunes and Spotify and all the other places. Sending love to all of you and looking forward to sharing the rest." 

Build A World, the debut single off Adriel's soon to be released debut album, is available now on iTunes: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD